Why Your Kickstarter Should Choose an Xpert Online Fulfillment


Why Your Kickstarter Should Choose an Xpert Online Fulfillment

Many business owners that start on Kickstarter have a lot going on. From trying to get funding, sending out rewards, and making sure that their product is ready, a to-do list can start building up. Because we want you to succeed, our low prices and expert staff can help ease the process. Your Kickstarter has a lot riding on it. Let us be the Xpert online fulfillment that you can turn to.

Why online fulfillment?
Nowadays, everything is online. Your e-commerce Kickstarter is online. So, let us handle the fulfillment you need. Since we’re remotely managed, you can retain the ability to manage orders and inventory from the comfort of your home/business.

Superior Pricing
Saving as much money as possible is pertinent when you’re trying to start your business. That’s why we always offer discounted shipping rates. When you’ve got your idea running, and rewards to send out to backers, we’ve got the discounts. And, we’re usually able to save you 30% than then competition.

Size Matters
We understand that not everyone we service is working with a massive inventory. So, if you’re selling only a couple of products, we can work with that too! As a logistics provider, we’re able to efficiently handle all aspects of inventory and get you the right price for your business size.

When you’re running a Kickstarter, it’s important that things go smoothly. You want to send “thank yous” to the people helping fund your project, and do so in a timely manner. And, once you get up and running, it’s important that you keep up accordingly. No worries. We’re the Xperts.

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