Trust Xpert Fulfillment With Your Book Shipping Needs


Trust Xpert Fulfillment With Your Book Shipping Needs

When it comes to shipping precious cargo, books are no exception. Often, when packed poorly, books can arrive with some severe damage. This can impact not only the physical appearance of the book itself but also the readability of the text. If you’re a publisher or a bookstore, it’s essential to have experts on your side that know how to properly pack and ship books that will arrive at their destination in perfect shape. That’s where we come in. We’re the go-to for book shipping needs. Without us, here are some of the horrors that book customers face when receiving a damaged book in the mail:

The spines can bend.
Considering that the spine literally holds the book together, it’s pretty important for this part of the book to remain in good shape. With poor packing procedures, spines can bend from careless drops, everyday bumps on the road, and various other encounters that the package will have before reaching the customer’s door.

The slipcases can rip.
As most hardbacks have slipcases on them, these vulnerable slips of thin paper may rip during shipping. Without the expert knowledge that goes into fulfillment packing and shipping, these slipcases often arrive ripped, bent, and unacceptable.

The pages can stain.
If a package tears open, the book inside may be exposed to the external conditions, including water and other materials hazardous to books. This must be taken into consideration or else a book may arrive with considerable damage to the pages. 

At Xpert Fulfillment, we take the utmost care in packing and shipping books for the clients we love. If you are a publisher, bookstore, or affiliated business owner – we’d love to tell you how we beat the competition in servicing your book shipping needs.

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