Shipping Nutraceuticals Requires Care


Shipping Nutraceuticals Requires Care

When fulfilling orders for health and beauty products, the wide variety of product types require attention and care when packing and shipping. While some may be fragile for their glass packaging, others may require careful temperature regulation when shelved in the warehouse. As the nutraceuticals industry grows in popularity, orders are increasing every day. Because of this, it’s essential to hire or acquire expertise when shipping nutraceuticals.

Cosmetics come in many different shapes and sizes, from liquid foundation in small glass bottles to tightly packed powders in small flat cases. If broken, cosmetics no longer serve the purpose they are intended to, and customers will be unhappy. As such, it’s incredibly important to store, pack, and ship cosmetics appropriately. This means plenty of bubble wrap protection, and appropriate shipping containers.

Vitamins, too, must be shipped with care. This is especially important if the vitamins are liquid gels, as continuous exposure to heat or single exposure to high heat could cause the gel capsules to melt. For vitamins that are in pressed pill form, continuous shaking could cause the pressed pills to break apart into powder – also undesirable.

There are an increasing amount of supplements entering the health and beauty world. They come in a variety of forms and packagings. Some are liquid; others are powder; others are bars. It’s important for packers and shippers to know the contents of these supplements and prepare them appropriately for cross-country delivery.

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