Meeting the Demanding Shipping Needs of the Apparel Industry


Meeting the Demanding Shipping Needs of the Apparel Industry

When operating a high-volume apparel shop, managing outgoing orders can be pretty time-consuming. With the variety of items, shipping options, returns, and exchanges, the shipping side of the apparel industry can be just as demanding as the storefront itself. As such, more and more apparel shops are turning to fulfillment services for their shipping needs.

Managing inventory.
With most apparel shops (aside from the few one-size-fits-all stores), almost every item comes in multiple sizes and sometimes even multiple colors. Throwing all of these into one box and then later sifting through them would be a nightmare. It’s important, instead, to carefully manage this inventory in a way that makes sense.

Correct shipping.
When orders come in, the previously mentioned size and color organization plays a huge role in the getting the order out fast. The business (or fulfillment center) must be able to grab the correct item, quickly package it, and send it where it needs to go. To make matters even more difficult, most businesses offer several different shipping options. The packer must be aware of which shipping carrier and shipping speed is being used, and then label the package accordingly.

Processing returns.
Apparel may be the industry with the highest amount of returns. After all, many people will purchase a clothing item online, try it out, and find that it doesn’t fit, they hate the color, etc. So they send it back. Managing returns and exchanges, on top of juggling ongoing shipping as well, is a pretty hefty task. Thankfully, fulfillment centers are experts in this. They are able to flawlessly hand returns, restocking, and replacements in record time.

At Xpert Fulfillment, we know how demanding the shipping needs of the apparel industry can be. We are experts in inventory, shipping, and returns. Leave it to us.

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