Grow Your Business Exponentially By Promoting For Mother’s Day


Grow Your Business Exponentially By Promoting For Mother’s Day

This month, you can grow your business exponentially by focusing your promotions and advertising on Mother’s Day! You might not expect it, but Mother’s Day is ranked 3rd highest for Holidays that people spend the most money on. According to the National Retail Federation, people spend over $21.2 billion solely on Mother’s Day and those special women in their lives.

As a business owner, these numbers should excite you. Spend this week heavily promoting your Mother’s Day sales. You can even do a “Day-After Mother’s Day” Sale that might attract the stranglers that didn’t spend much time online or out shopping that day.

In case you have no idea how or where to start, we’ve included some ideas and tips on how to capitalize on Mother’s Day!

– Create a Splash Page dedicated to your Mother’s Day sale
– Put together a Gift Guide of products that relate to Mother’s Day and your Customers
– Host a giveaway to get people involved and interested
– Run Special Mom’s Day Promotions or Offer Promo Codes that are easy-to-find
– Gather all of your customer email addresses and send out a Mother’s Day Email Blast

What are you going to do about shipping all of these purchased gifts during your Mother’s Day Sale? Xpert Fulfillment always offers discounted shipping rates, low order fulfillment costs, discounted inbound shipping and no hidden fees… Even during Mother’s Day!

Doesn’t matter what kind of eCommerce platform you use, Our simple-to-use system will easily integrate with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, and many others! Our system has real-time inventory insights and auto notifications upon shipment/receiving orders on your behalf.

Working with Xpert Fulfillment is so simple and will leave you stress-free to continue selling your products, even at a fast pace.

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