Benefits Of Using A Fulfillment Center


Benefits Of Using A Fulfillment Center

Are you just getting started in e-Commerce? You are probably fulfilling orders right out of your home which is fine. As long as the orders are minimal, you’ll be able to handle order fulfillment out of your home. But all business owners and entrepreneurs want to grow and be the best and biggest they can be. So shoot for the moon and start thinking about working with a fulfillment center like Xpert Fulfillment to help with the many orders that are coming.

When figuring out if you actually need to hire an outsourcing fulfillment company, you should know your fulfillment cost-per-order. If you don’t that’s ok. Here’s a tip, it’s made up of four expenses shown below:

Facility or Storage Space
Labor Costs
Packing Materials
Shipping Costs

Once you can figure out these costs, you will be ready to call Xpert Fulfillment. We’ll spend time with you during a Free consultation getting to know your business and your numbers. Our fulfillment prices are affordable so you don’t have to be intimidated if you’re just starting out. We work with all-sized companies whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company.

Some of the benefits of our order fulfillment services include:

Low Fulfillment Cost
eCommerce Integration
Remotely Managed

Ready to save your company money? Find out how affordable our order fulfillment pricing and costs are within a few seconds. We save our clients 30% on average over the competition! Contact us today to get started (231) 882-9533.

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