What to Consider When Outsourcing


What to Consider When Outsourcing

When scouting a logistics provider to outsource your fulfillment, you will most likely have questions. In order to help you evaluate which fulfillment center will best serve your business, we’ve outlined some key factors you will want to consider.


You’ll want to consider a fulfillment center that is located in proximity of your distribution zone. Xpert Fufillment’s location is ideal in the midwest, compared to east and west coast locations. We are centrally located in the country to offer the best shipping discounts. We are also prime for international shipping.

Breakdown of Fees

A fulfillment center will charge you for inbound and outbound shipping, storage, and fulfillment. The way we price is more affordable than our competitors because we offer more.

Xpert’s receive two (4’x4’x4’) pallets when you sign up with us and 100 free SKUS! While some fulfillment centers might charge you per SKU, we only charge a small fee when your order is shipped, and that is primarily determined by your monthly order volume.

*Bonus: The more products you sell, the lower your costs with us become!

Some fulfillment centers will charge you minimums, administrative fees, and hidden costs. There is no minimum to use our service and our pricing is transparent.

We offer great incentives to help new businesses start their e-commerce site and support them with lower costs, no contracts, and no minimums. This is beneficial for start up e-commerce sites that do not yet know their selling potential.

Your shipping charges are determined by zone, weight, and carrier; the discounts you receive on these are largely determined by your warehouse’s location, and your volume.

*Tip: You might be able to get away with negotiating certain fees if you have a higher volume of monthly orders!

Follow Through

A fulfillment center with good customer service will be able to make necessary changes, efficiently and accurately, while handling common mistakes such as cancellations and address changes. We communicate with you through our advanced web-based control panel in which you are able to monitor any and all changes and/or updates to your inventory status, at all times.

What we call great customer service is being able to maximize your fulfillment by boosting your selling potential. A fulfillment center succeeds when it’s customer succeeds. At Xpert, we have a team of consultants available to advise you on how to make the most of your e-commerce business.

To make sure we go above and beyond, as fulfillment experts, we also offer these premium services:

• Photography
• Kitting/Assembly
• Branding & Labeling
• Graphic Design

We process international orders and handle ORM-D shipments, as well as a variety of many special requests and customized orders.

When consulting providers, observe how they handle their customer service, as this is a key element in determining if they are the right match for your business. However, don’t just take their word; judge by character and follow through. Also, make sure you check their reviews on search engines like Google and Yelp!

To Summarize:

A big part of what goes into determining what a fulfillment center charges and how they operate is their location and overhead. A fulfillment center with more overhead will charge you higher rates in order to convert costs to profit. The major factor to take into consideration is not to be fooled by fulfillment centers that promise big business but can’t keep up with their customer service detail. Be sure you check their reviews!

For more information regarding for fulfillment and our services, e-mail info@xpertfulfillment.com.

Thank you for choosing Xpert Fulfillment Services!

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