Sales Hit a Peak? Time for Fulfillment


Sales Hit a Peak? Time for Fulfillment

The need for fast and accurate order fulfillment is critical for the success of a growing e-commerce business. Fulfillment providers facilitate the pick, pack, and shipping process effortlessly and timely with logistics and a cohesive system. Typically, we can get this job done in less time and more affordably than you would doing it yourself.

If your e-commerce business has reached a peak in sales and you recognize that it’s time to address your growth effectively, it might be a good time to consider outsourcing your fulfillment needs. What happens when you sign up with Xpert Fulfillment is you receive two free pallets of storage, 100 free SKUS, and an account within our web-based control panel that allows you access to your inventory and updates at all times.

Once your inventory is received by us, it is unpacked, provided a SKU, stored, and entered into our system. Our system integrates directly with your shopping cart provider and we are notified when an order is placed. Incoming orders are generally packed and shipped the same day, if received by 1pm.

During the packing process, we can provide kitting/assembly for packages with multiple items. We can also place any marketing materials within your package to customize your order, promote specials, etc. We use our own boxes, which are free to you if your product size is smaller than 12″x12″x12″. If you wish to provide your own boxes for use, we offer discounted rates.

Once the order is packed, it is queued for delivery and updated in the system with a provided tracking number upon leaving our warehouse. We work with a variety of carriers to offer you the best discounts and multiple options to ensure your deliveries are being mailed cost-effectively, and on-time.

Our customer service and sales team are available to assist you with any specific questions you may have. Give us a call at 1.231.882.9533 or email,

Thank you for choosing Xpert Fulfillment Services!

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